Rainbow Friends


Angel Mozart -Random Felines



Pooh and her Popsy  Together Again

butter lover boomer o cat

Pixie of J Cats. 

Dearest Pierro of Pierro and Miles

Spooky 2016

My @TiggyBean 

Innocent spirit coldly murdered

In honor of our babies who are OTRB

Beloved Ossie

Dearest Carlos 

Sweet Romeo

Beautiful Julie of Twinkletoestails

Princess Treasure


Photo designed by @ChatteMuse & tweeted with this verse on 7/18/14
   "@ChatteMuse: cherished friend @SidTheCatahoula In goldlight cloudfloat. gentled down 
tenderly xx~*CM" 

Toward the Light, Fur darlings...

Dear Shawn

Dear Nigel Cory Cat Blog

Sunny from Mewsings of Cottage Garden Cats

Mr Teeth and Clarkie, Spitty's brofurs from before.

Dearest Russell

Mommy will meet you by and by. Wait for me. 

Dearest Kassey Always Loved and Missed

Prancer Pie and your siblings and we miss you. 

So precious to your mama

That dear face....

Olivia, Williams Sisfur. 

You beautiful precious boy

Petie the Cat