September 25, 2017

Sadness in the CB

Kitties, our eyes are leaking a lot right now as we just went to visit Miss Ellen and the fifteen cats and meowing when we learned the saddest news just a few minutes ago.

Little Phoebe has gone to the Bridge.  Her quality of life was such that her parents had to help her fly away from the Earth.  With great love and heavy hearts.  Mommy and I have heavy hearts too because we loved Phoebe.

Here are her sweet pictures that her Mom posted a while ago.  I am honored to have them here.

Phoebe 15catsandmeowing

You are beautiful, little one.  

Farewell little sweetheart.  See you again by and by.

September 24, 2017

Look What We Got

Mom will have a purrthday very very very soon and the family gave her a pawty yesterday at one of her son's home.   The biggest present of all was her son from over the mountains was there as a surprise!  Boy was it ever, Mom said. She had all three sons in one place.  She lacked her little girl, that being me.   I was not invited, but that was alright as I had business in the human litterbox.  I assisted the toilet paper into my large drinking bowl so that it would not be parched throughout the day.  A job well done if I say so myself.

Look at one of the presents she  I got for this festive occasion!  There were others but mom said this was more than enough for me to show what she  *I* got!!

Treat Jar for ME

Look what else!  And every single thing is for ME. Her...not so much.  I'm impawtent.
Key Chain dangle for ME

Kitties and hummers for ME 

Hand made fabric kitty other fave brovver brought home for ME from Belize

Books  for Mom to read to ME

September 20, 2017

Speaking of Hummingbirds...

Mommy was helping me with the blogs today and we say some mentions of kitties watching their hummingbirds outside.  The Island Cats told everybody great information about helping the birds and some facts about them as well.  Someone mentioned keeping the feeder up till October which made mom and I furry happy.  Wally and Ernie said yes, keep it up as they are still flying in.  And leaving the feeder out will NOT delay migration. Migration is instinct and we can't change that plus the hummers know already that food is available until the start across the Gulf of Mexico.  That is a non stop flight (truly)and why they get so bulked up before they go.  They double their weight so that they will have energy and stamina for the non stop flight across the waters.

Mommy said to tell you how she learned about leaving the feeder out the hard way.  She had taken the feeder in and disinfected it and cleaned it thoroughly and put it away after the first few days of September once upon a time. She planned to bring it back out  the following April.

  She was on midnights (she always worked a 12 hour shift rotation) and after she got home, she grabbed a bite to eat before bed  and stood out on the deck to smoke.  Mom quit some time ago--- but at that particular time she was still smoking.  A girl hummingbird flew right to her face.  And mom had not seen any activity for two weeks.  Why she took the feeder down.  The girl hummer stayed.  Mom went in the house, quickly made her some nectar and without bringing it to a boil just then (she had to go to bed as she had to get up at 3:20 PM) she poured the dissolved sugar nectar into the feeder, hung it up out there and went to bed.  Soon as she got up  she brought the rest to a boil, let it cool while she showered and got ready for work and after it cooled somewhat she stored it in the fridge.  Mommy cooked for that little girl and kept her going till the 11th of October.  She put in fresh nectar again and watched for another week to see if there were any visitors.  Only then did she take it down and re-disinfect it and ready it for waiting till April.  Since then, Mommy leaves it up till the end of September...longer if she has to.  Mommy loves them so much.

Here are two of my girl hummers.

September 17, 2017

Miss Lonelyyyy

🎵Lonely, I am Miss Lonely
I have no kitty for my own
I'm so lonely🎵🎶
I am Miss Lonely
Woooo ooo ooooo oooooh  🎶

🎶 I'm looking down the street
My true love for to see
He doesn't seem to be there
O woe, O woe is me. 🎵

September 14, 2017

Furry Fursday

Kitties!  I have to wonder and so does mom, why several times a year when I zoom through the hallways and rooms, I leave these thick tufts about two inches long and usually curved like a comma. This one this morning wasn't comma shaped but usually they are... and it was the only example I left her this morning.

 But last night, there were five of them, the thick tufts,  lined up every foot or soon the floor in the spare room as if they had been deliberately artistically placed.  They were all in a slightly curving line in the living room too.  One in the foyer as a starter and the other three fanning out across the room.

What makes we kitties lose actual tufts of fur like that?  Only once or maybe twice a year and always these thick tufts despite being combed and brushed and zoom groomed. Inquiring kitties want to know.

pee complained about me to you yesterday.... so... she did not have me across her face at ALL last night!  I stayed away at the back of the pillow.  That'll show her.  I think she murmured she slept much better!  How dare she?

September 12, 2017

Mom, the Feets Prop

I love to slope my body downward onto mom's face.  My nose is close enough to hers that she feels my breath on her face. After she turns out the light, I ooze downward a bit more.

 I take my right-most paw and slap it down on her cheek  There it stays.  Her face is cool, and my pink and black jellybean pads are warm and soft as a cloud.  So is the fur between my toesies.  My clars are tucked waaaaaay up into my fist so I don't scratch mom.   Since I have been home with her I have never ever scratched her.  So I get away with propping my foot or my feets if necessary on Mom.  She knows that only lasts a while- so she just lies there.  Anything for me, I feel sure is her thought,  Right mom?

Here I am on the spare bed where favorite brother is when he's here for the weekend.  Hurry back brother!  I think he is attending his High School football game here in town this Friday.  Go Wildcats!

September 10, 2017

I Has a Saloon!

Kitties!  I went to the #WLF #GoldRush yesterday and today, I got to be the judge of the spitting contest!  I could see all the contestants aiming for the spittoon and take my time evaluating their style, accuracy or other attributes (three sadly, kept missing and spat on their comrades in front of them).  Sadly, Mom found that hilarious beyond the telling.  The mule spat too.

When mommy saw me judging the contestants I have never EVER heard her laughing like that!  She must have needed to laugh a lot because laughter kept rising up and bubbling out for hours.  Every time she thought of the pictures and went over them to assist me to judge, she started laughing.  LOUD too. She told me on returning from the store a while ago that she got to thinking of those pictures while driving along and and one seeing her in their rear view mirror or pulling along side must have wondered what on earth would make someone just laugh like that!

Here I am in my Saloon that the prospectors came in after we had our panning for gold event.  @SantasCat did my avi for me for which I am very grateful.  Ya shoulda been there!